Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Few. The Proud.

News out of Chicago today- the 2011 Chicago Marathon has sold out in a record 31 days! Amazing to think that there are 45000 nut-jobs like me who know by February that they'll want to run 26.2 miles 7 months later. This makes me part of the Few - 45,000 is relatively few compared to, say, the population of China, and the Proud - if by "proud," you mean "nut-jobs."

No major news on the local front, I just thought it was amazing that the race is already closed. You'll see in my first (maybe second) post that I said it normally sells out by early April. It's 3/3, and the only way to get in now is to sign up with a charity or find someone on Craigslist looking to profit from a distance running nut-job.


  1. get it! so glad you're doing a blog! a few of my friends are running Boston and have a training blog linked on mine- Boston Marathon for Playworks (or something like that).

    Can't wait for the rants and welcome to the blogosphere :)


  2. I'm training for my 2nd Marathon, and have the dreaded 20 miler on tap for next weekend. I am already dreading it!

  3. Congrats on getting in Chicago! I have been wanting to do it for years, but the timing just hasn't worked. I'm signed up for MCM in DC this October {I ran it in 2004} and I was signed up for a marathon in Providence on 5/1, but I've got a nasty stress fracture! Hope your training goes well...and let's just hope I'm training again soon! Have a good Sunday! {av}